Some Beauty Sleep Tips

The phrase “beauty sleep” isn’t a myth or a marketing propaganda launched and popularized by beauty product manufacturers. Several research studies have time and again proved that people lacking sufficient sleep are less likely to feel healthy and/or look attractive. Insufficient sleep has also been found to worsen existing skin conditions. Proper rest at night helps repair the skin that has been damaged by pollution and UV rays. Lack of sleep also stimulates excess cortisol production – cortisol impairs the skin cells. Sound sleeping, on the contrary, stimulates human growth hormone production that helps maintain skin elasticity. Therefore, healthy sleep must be prioritized if you’d like to feel and look great. The following beauty tips would help you derive the maximum positives from a night’s sleep.

Proper Skin Care

Regardless of how fatigued you feel, proper skin care each evening is essential. The routine need not be complicated and lengthy, but must be effective. It should entail the three important steps: i) cleanse, ii) treat and iii) moisturize.

• For removing makeup, oil and dirt, a mild cleanser is recommended. Not removing makeup before sleep causes skin inflammation, besides accelerating aging.

• Blood flow goes up at night, helping skincare products absorb more efficiently into the skin. Anti-aging products can be used as overnight solutions.

• At night, skin is most vulnerable to dehydration, therefore moisturizing before sleeping is crucial for anyone with skin dehydration and dryness issues.

Sleeping on the Back

Sleeping on the back is highly recommended, except if you get medical issues doing so. Other sleeping positions could cause sleep lines. Sleeping on the back helps prevent fine lines.

If puffy eyes is a major issue every morning, try sleeping at a slightly elevated head position. This helps mitigate fluid retention and the resultant swelling in the area below the eyes. Generally, fluid tends to accumulate in the thinner skin areas.

Silk Pillowcase

While scientific evidences do not corroborate the effectiveness of silk pillowcases at fighting wrinkles, the pillowcase certainly prevents the prominent facial creases or lines usually caused when sleeping on the stomach or on the side. In addition, silk isn’t as absorbing as cotton. Therefore, the material is highly unlikely to absorb skincare products that has been applied to the face.

Recent technological innovations have given rise to copper oxide fiber-enriched pillowcases that promote the self-renewal process of the skin. These copper-infused pillowcases help improve appearance of wrinkles and fine lines within a month of usage.

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